It isn’t a coincidence that the creation of the Entrance the Void label is appeared in 2020. Experienced wizards from the world of heavy electronic music IZVNE and No: Soul have joined knowledges to reveal to the world the most powerful and technological label that reveals the very depth of techno music and its cyberpunk hi-tech visual component that will stretch far into the future with its mystical tentacles of synthetic cables.

In 2020, a series of support parties for the label thundered, which happened at the same time when the rest of the world was distancing itself as much as possible from any entertainment. You can feel the nonconformism and misanthropic worldview of the label’s creators literally in everything: covers of compilations, the tracks of the label’s members, provocative parties and antisocial interviews with its residents. Nevertheless, the beginning of the immersion into emptiness was successfully laid, and as it turned out, there were quite a few supporters of such an ideology in the world.