Feb 2021

Love or Die 10. Perfection

Secret Place


Private party. Secret place

The tenth anniversary part of the cult party, which at one time changed the concept of club culture in the city of Cherkasy beyond recognition, raising it to a new, hitherto unseen level.

As part of this series, many significant events took place, which many people have memorized forever. This is not just a party, it is a kind of brand of freedom and happiness inherent in informal club hangouts and underground electronic music. 10 years, 10 parties, 10 places and a lot of people who became happy in the format of this event.

The tenth anniversary year will be special despite the difficult times reigning in the world. We know that you want to be with us on this day. Details coming soon!

  • Date
    13 Feb 2021
  • Time
  • Venue
    Secret Place