1IZVNE - Techno in my Head

Techno in my Head

  • Artist: IZVNE
  • Genre: Oldschool Techno
  • Label: Entrance the Void
  • Catalog: EVOID02
  • Format: Digital Download (Set)
  • Released: 17.02.2021
  • Techno-inspired set from the early 2000s. We used exclusively the tracks of the talented Italian DJ and producer Mauro Picotto, whose juicy compositions have long been associated with many techno music lovers not only with a true uncompromising sound, but also with a special melody that conveyed the atmosphere of bright and unforgettable parties on the Apennine Peninsula that thundered in those years all over Europe. Each of the tracks that hit the set were 100% hits and even now they listen to it very fresh.